The following specifications are prerequisite to select the best model for your application and to confirm technical feasibility for required bending process:

1. Quality of material of the object to be bent: ("SS" stands for a general rolled steel. Specify the material of your pipe by such code.)


Carbon steel pipe SGP, STPG, STS, STPT, STB, STK, STKM, or others.
Stainless steel pipe SUS-TP, SUS-LTP, SUS-STP, SUS-TB, SUS-TK, or others.
Copper alloy seam-less pipe C1020, C1100, C1220, or others.
Aluminum alloy seam-less pipe A1050, A1100, A1200, or others
Other metals  

2. Shape of bent object:

For a pipe, Circle, angle (square or rectangle), ellipse, or others.
For others than a pipe Flat, square, round, L-shaped, I-shaped, U-shaped, a variant or others.

3. Dimensions of a pipe to be bent:

For a round pipe: Outer diameter D x thickness t (mm) See the following drawing for the dimensions.
For others than a round pipe Cross-sectional outer edge-to-edge distance and thickness (mm)

4. Bend radius:

For a round pipe: Distance between bend center and pipe center
: R (mm)
For others than a round pipe Distance between bend center and object's inner edge: Ri (mm)
For both: Bend angle θ° and object's length (mm)

5. If an object is bent at multiple portions, the drawing of the finish product is requested.

6. Production size (quantity of objects)

Quantity of objects to be bent daily, monthly or hourly, and frequency of bending daily, monthly or hourly.


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